Open Door

Extending a Hand in Friendship with Sister Organisations 

As a member of Open Door, our members have the opportunity to enjoy personal interaction with an international women’s group at any destination where a sister club exists.  There are now 61 international women’s associations in 31 countries which are also members of Open Door, sharing a similar goal — that of ‘opening their doors to each other.’                                                                                                                                                                             
Open Door offers an opportunity for our members, moving to, or visiting another area to have contact with a similar club.  A visiting member is allowed to have guest status at a monthly meeting to meet with expatriate and like-minded women — to enjoy their perspectives and tips.  It gives priority of membership to our members who wish to join a club where there is an existing waiting list. 
                                                                                              As a result of Open Door, since 2014 AIWM has had the opportunity to experience small group exchanges with Le WIC de Paris and the Berlin International Women’s Club (BIWC).
We have ‘opened doors’ for our members who were travelling or moving to a different locale where a sister club exists.

Our last trip was to Zagreb in September 2018 at the invitation of IWCZ to share in their 25th anniversary celebrations.  

The five members who made the exchange  were warmly welcomed and had a great deal of fun. The programme was well-organized and conceived to show off the best and most unique aspects of Zagreb and its environs. 

We hiked in the Plitvice National Forest, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, enjoying its beautiful azure lakes and waterfalls; we had a city tour;  travelled to Samobor, a town nearby, and had local wine, digestif and mustard tastings — and an excellent late lunch and watched the creation of handcrafted crystal at one of the last small workshops left in the region.

We attended the monthly general meeting and there was a programme of traditional folk singers and a music school’s guitar group, playing classical, traditional folk and world music – excellent.

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