Welcome to our 50 Year Old Organisation!

Welcome to Malta and to the website of our association, Association of International Women in Malta (AIWM). It is such a privilege to introduce you to a wonderful group of women from every corner of the world.

In existence for 50 years, AIWM was founded as the American Wives Club. It was established for the purpose of bringing together American women and wives of American citizens for friendship and mutual assistance in settling in Malta.

Over the years our association has flourished and we are now an internationally focused, dynamic group who join together to enjoy various monthly events and activities and simply have fun. Our members come from over 30 different nations.

AIWM offers an invaluable opportunity to learn how to make the most of living in this wonderful country.

Our members know from experience what it is like to settle into a new country, so we are always willing to help new arrivals to quickly feel at home.

In 2010 we changed our association’s name to better reflect our two primary aims:

To gather together women of all ages and nationalities to celebrate our differing cultures and varied perspectives as friends.

To enhance this sense of friendship and camaraderie by raising funds to support local Maltese charities throughout the year.

Please feel free to get in touch with us.  We look forward to welcoming you to our association.  Come join us. We have fun!

Warm regards,
Lindsay Mann
President – AIWM

A review from one of our members…

Like many women, I arrived in Malta not knowing anyone except for those that advised us in our move to the island.  I have never been a ‘club ‘ person; working full time and two children didn’t leave much time .  Nonetheless, I knew that in order to settle well and integrate my husband and I would need to have a friendship group.  So, I joined AIWM.

It was the best thing I have done since moving to Malta. We have made great friends and developed new interests. With something happening most weeks, we have never been without something to do.

It does what it aims to do ‘brings international women together for friendship and much  more.   ….. Long Standing Member